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At the beginning of the 21st century, hunting doesn’t have a good reputation. But why does the contemporary human still perform this immemorial activity which seems archaic to some? José Ortega y Gasset, a great Spanish philosopher, answers this question while exploring the human soul and revealing the deepest motivations of hunters as well as their search for identity.

Just like animals, humans become more sensitive when in nature and can once grasp the real meaning of their place among living things. In order to get there, hunters must, according to Ortega, willingly give up their dominant ways.

To reclaim their place as a noble predator, a people must go back to the basics, even imposing rigorous restrictions upon themselves. Without doing so, humans have a difficult time reconnecting with the primal pleasure found in hunting and the feeling of being part of nature. For a predator, hunting provides food, and therefore keeps them alive. For humans, hunting can be a powerful inner experience.

Meditations on Hunting is available on the Septentrion publishing firm website.