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Organic and healthy eating :
game flavors and nutritional values

The comparison of nutritional values between hunted species and other domesticated species shows that game meat (venison) has significantly low fat content with fewer calories. However, it has slightly less proteins than domesticated meat, except for bear meat.

Below is a quote from the magazine L'Épicerie:

“Game meat has excellent nutritional values, even better than commercial-type meat. For example, wild red meats have lesser fat but higher iron content than beef. As for their proteins content, it is about the same.

However, game birds’ nutritional values are not as good. The fat content in farm birds is about the same as the grain-fed chicken bought in groceries stores. Because it is particularly difficult to recreated the conditions in which birds live in the wild on a farm, birds have much lesser space to move or fly in captivity than in the forest. It is also difficult to give them the same food they eat in the forest. Birds then store more fat in their flesh, which becomes less firm than wild birds flesh. However, a higher content in fat provides more taste to the meat of such birds, which sometimes tends to be dry.”

Food (100 g) Energy (Kcal) Proteins (g) Fat (g)
Caribou 127 22.6 3.36
Virginia deer 120 23 2.42
Moose 102 22.2 0.74
Bear 161 20.1 8.3
Wild duck 123 19.9 4.2
Beef (rib) 202 29.5 8.4
Beef (sirloin) 213 27.3 10.7
Horsemeat 175 28.1 6
Porc (fillet) 162 30 3.6
Chicken (breast) 222 31.8 8.9