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Easy ways to get initiated

Other opportunities to get initiated


The European plan or camping hunting package for the family is offered at 50% off the regular price for moose and deer hunting in several wildlife preserves. Sépaq Anticosti offers La Relève package in American or European plan: if the cottage is fully booked, a young hunter of 12 to 17 years of age can join the group and hunt one deer without antlers.

When accompanied by an adult with daily access rights to hunting small game, youth under 18 years old have free access to hunt.

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It is an initiation program to hunting Virginia deer for women only. For more information, contact Hélène Larente at 613.586.9356 or 819.643.8611.


The Waterfowler Heritage Day offers young people under 18 years of age the opportunity to practice their hunting skills, learn more about the conservation of wildlife species and enhance their security training in a structured and controlled area before the regular opening of the hunting season. For more information, visit Environment Canada website at or call 1.800.668.6767.


Some Quebec hunting and fishing associations conduct initiation to hunting activities for young people and families.

To learn more about activities held in various regions of Quebec, visit the website of the Fédération québécoise des chasseurs et pêcheurs at and click on Notre réseau tab (French only).