La chasse

Ready to become a hunter?

Four steps to reach this goal

1. Follow the training course required to obtain the hunter’s certificate (security, behaviours and techniques for hunting with a firearm, a bow or a crossbow). Contact the Fédération québécoise des chasseurs et pêcheurs for more information at 1.888.LAFAUNE (1.888.523.2863).

2. Apply for the possession and acquisition licence for firearms from the Canada Firearms Center at 1.800.731.4000.

3. Buy or borrow a hunting device. No licence is required to borrow a bow or a crossbow, but one must obtain a licence from the Canada Firearms Center (1.800.731.4000) to borrow a firearm.

4. Purchase a hunting licence based on the type of game you will hunt. To know more about the steps to become a hunter and the closest establishment where you can attend the training course to become a hunter, you can visit